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It’s challenging to predict what would happen post Brexit but for the time being, anyone travelling to EU countries should

The European Commission has announced its preparations for a no-deal Brexit. ERA continues to call for a wide-reaching reciprocal aviation

There are lots of Brexit unknowns that could impact the travel industry in the UK and beyond. It is important

The British airlines will quit air passenger rights agreement as well as lose all aviation rights set under internal EU

New data from user experience (UX) analytics company ContentSquare reveals an unintended side-effect of the UK’s 23 June vote to

Significant longer-term issues are still to be sorted out: visas, passports, and customs and border control in general, which could

In the event of a Brexit it is likely that EU-originating regulations that benefit and protect travelling consumers would need to

IATA released preliminary analysis of the financial and economic impact of the Brexit decision on the air transport industry. Preliminary