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Cruise Baltic

Cruise Baltic was founded in 2004 and is a B2B network of 32 cruise ports in the Baltic Sea region aiming

Cruise Baltic works to strengthen the commitment to the use of onshore power supply in the Baltic Sea region. As

The latest addition to the Cruise Baltic network is the capital of Latvia, Riga. The city is located where the

As Director of the two cruise networks, Klaus Bondam will among other things be responsible for ensuring sustainable growth and

More than 55 % of the partners in the Cruise Baltic network have executed sustainability initiatives in 2022. Photo credit:

Cruise Baltic invited tour operators from the region to join their summit in Tallin. For the first time cruise destinations,

The new feature is an extension of Cruise Baltic’s already existing port information on their website, and it gives cruise

Claus Bødker was among the 120 nominees for the prestigious awards, and he won the ‘Seatrade Outstanding Achievement Award’.

Sustainable Cruise Indicators is a result of COWI’s experience with creating sustainable solutions and Cruise Baltic’s insights in the cruise

During two FAM trips, cruise line executives experienced good times, local delicacies and beautiful surroundings at 10 destinations in the