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The flights are perfectly timed to connect on to the airlines’ North American services to New York, Boston, Toronto and

The collection is packed full of ideas for travel to the Nordics, New Zealand and Australia as well as Canada

The partnership means Discover the World will put in place sales, marketing, finance and support team for the Brazilian travel

France is the 3rd largest market for the airline and sits at 4th place for inbound tourism to the Maltese

The airline is available for trade partners to sell via their GDS under the W1 code and is also available

The agreement will provide full GSA sales and marketing services supporting the Benelux travel trade with flights starting later this

2023 marks the 130th anniversary of the coastal route between Bergen and Kirkenes, which was initially developed to connect the

Discover the World West Balkans team will be working with trade partners to highlight why flying on Virgin Atlantic will

SATA Azores Airlines currently departs out of New York JFK and Boston serving destinations in Europe and Africa (Azores, Madeira,

As part of the agreement, Discover the World will develop trade, corporate and VFR revenue opportunities alongside offering sales and