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Flights over and into conflict zones cause a significant reduction in safety and security and involve the risk of collateral

A calling for social sustainability to underpin a just transition towards carbon-neutrality.

Under the EU Green Deal, Europe pledged to achieve a net-zero-carbon economy by 2050, which would require a 90% reduction

To address the aviation industry’s problems, Ministers call for better coordination between European and National transport and social authorities, and

As the aviation industry struggles with the COVID-19 pandemic, pilots are looking at the European Union and its Member States

Having seen major airlines continue flying to Tehran in the days after the shooting down –despite the security threat– European

The amendment will prevent the ever-increasing creative airline set-ups in the EU that include wet-leasing such as empty shell companies,

Already in January 2018, national pilot associations from 12 countries invited Ryanair to joint talks and suggested a meeting for

The rapid expansion of transnational airlines and their ability to adapt their business structures across borders and using multiple Air

Pilot supply exceeds the number of pilot jobs needing to be filled, has done for decades, and shows no sign