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Ryanair's June OTA Pirate Survey accuses eDreams of deceiving consumers with its "Prime" subscription, overcharging for flights and offering misleading

Six OTAs have signed “Approved OTA” distribution agreements with Ryanair, including loveholidays, Kiwi, TUI, On the Beach, eSky and El

Ryanair says On The Beach is No1 pirate overcharging by 117% (£125 for a £45 flight change fee on

eDreams is No.1 pirate in January overcharging customers by up to 125% (26.99 euros for a 12 euros reserved seat

A third of U.S. millennials* say music is main factor when choosing a destination - higher than the global average

Customers urged to book directly on

Ryanair believes that Google has allowed this advertising, which the ASA now confirms breaches the CAP code, because it directly

The CAA is currently investigating the “website and pricing practices” of eDreams and Opodo in relation to a number of

Ryanair confirmed that it has a number of agreements in place with OTAs across Europe, providing a standard API to

Ryanair has engaged in several legal cases across Europe against screenscraper websites such as eDreams to prevent consumers from being