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The most severe impacts are being seen at Europe’s most congested airports—especially London Gatwick where the performance is also affected

Enhancing co-operation and joint commitment to aviation’s successful and sustainable future.

Environmental sustainability was a further major theme of the President’s advocacy in Brussels, notably within the context of ICAO’s preparatory

While the traffic drop was drastic and ATCEUC agrees with the principle that airspace users shouldn’t be left to bear

FABEC air navigation service providers continue to shorten airspace routes and reduce restrictions.

The new MoC builds on and strengthens decades of cooperation between EUROCAE and EUROCONTROL – Europe’s leading developers of aviation

ACI Europe has revised its 2021 passenger traffic forecast to -56% for the year at Europe’s airports in the baseline

Leading airspace users, airports, air navigation service providers and the EUROCONTROL Network Manager outline plans to drive the modernisation and

Study by EUROCONTROL and partners highlights actions to improve performance when implementing COVID-19 measures.

ETF urges Eurocontrol to take a more inclusive approach and ensure that organisations representing workers get a chance to speak