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European cities marketing

Europe's city tourism is in a rapid transformation process from "volume" to "value", from "marketing for more" to "matter and

During last European Cities Marketing meeting in Madrid, European cities investigated the state of city branding and confirmed that a

Overall international bookings for flights to Europe during Q1 2016 are down by -0.9%. Intra-European travellers will still be affected

European Cities Marketing announces 4.2% growth in city tourism in 2015. London, Paris and Rome take top slots: China grows

European Cities Marketing finds that a strong city brand is pivotal to any city facing the challenges of globalisation. Nevertheless,

The ECM Academy will be the bridge for African professionals to a successful career in the Meetings Industry.

After a period of constant slowdown between Q3 2014 and Q1 2015 followed by flatness in Q2 2015, Intra European

The TIC Expert Meeting is a lunch-to-lunch meeting targeted to TIC managers and staff who are looking to improve and

The City Cards Expert Meeting is a lunch-to-lunch meeting targeted to product managers who are looking to improve and share

The results for first semester of 2015 from the ECM-MKG European Destinations Observatory report confirm the long-term growth for Europe's