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The initiative by the European Commission encourages destinations to undertake more accessible and sustainable projects that involve local communities and

European aviation industry hails the inclusion of SAF as a strategic decarbonisation technology in the EU’s Net Zero Industry Act

In accordance with the approval of the General Meeting, SAS intends to enter into the commitments on January 11, 2024.

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, European Union flag carriers received over 40 billion euros in state subsidies, which have raised concerns

ECTAA strongly urges the inclusion of a rapid refund system based on fast-tracked State Aid, ready for swift deployment in

SAS intends to convene an extraordinary general meeting of the Company’s shareholders, to be held in January 2024, to approve

The European Commission reveals the 2024 European Capital and Green Pioneer of Smart Tourism, recognising their outstanding achievements in accessibility,

This thought-provoking documentary by the Dutch broadcast organization BNNVARA sheds light on alarming practices within the aviation industry, raising significant

The Transport Committee, the lead committee on this file, will vote on its report on 16 November, which will be

The competition welcomed participation from cities within the European Union and non-EU countries that are eligible to the Single Market