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“We have no choice but to embrace innovation and market disruption. The travel industry will thrive when new, better services

Belgium confirms free access for visitors arriving by land.

Tourism businesses will have to leave the UK if ECJ ruling is implemented.

Tom Jenkins (ETOA)  said: “All markets are important, and new markets are particularly welcome. But in tourism you cannot have

Cooperation between the two organisations will focus on developing research on incoming markets to Europe, based on the globe shopper

The disparity with Britain’s European neighbours is striking. France welcomed 1.28 million Chinese visitors in 2012. Britain had 149,000 in

8th European Bus and Coach Forum to debate the current and future contribution of group tourism by coach to seniors’

In this year’s campaign, footage was supplied by tourist boards from Amsterdam, Cannes, Catalonia, Flanders, The Hague, Helsinki, Ireland, London,

According to a study by Deloitte in 2010, Travel & Tourism represents 9% of UK GDP - £115 billion in

Data from the Italian National Institute of Statistics shows a 5.7% decrease in domestic trips in 2012. This trend is