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FABEC States launched multiple initiatives over the past 12 months despite the challenges experienced by all European air navigation service

Over the past 12 months, FABEC ANSPs have maintained clear focus on environmental performance, delivering shorter routes and improved flight

FABEC States are convinced that by managing performance cooperatively, operations are continuously optimized in all relevant domains of the Single

The Swiss programme follows FRA implementation in adjacent French and German area control centres, and similar procedures in Belgium, Luxembourg

The Joint Declaration enables ATCA and FABEC to work more closely together to better understand the disruptive factors that impact

Flight movements rose faster than STATFOR forecasted. In the first half 2022 FABEC air navigation service providers controlled 2,391 flights.

FABEC received a record of requests. The selected topics raise searching questions about how states manage the conflict in Ukraine;

FABEC continues to work towards further environmental performance improvement by engaging with stakeholders and experts in dedicated workshops and forums

Philippe Pusset, DSNA advisor of the director of Strategy & Resources Directorate, taking over from Catherine Bichara

Unexpected hikes in demand saw traffic rise 30.3% in French airspace while at the same time increasing only 12.4% in