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The GfK survey commissioned by Swiss International Air Lines on travel memories also shows that 64.5% of Britons primarily remember

Internationally, 59 percent of people prefer a relaxing vacation, while 35 percent prefer an active one. Brazil, South Korea and

New study from GfK and T-Mobile shows most have no idea how much it really costs to take their phones

The study comes just before Memorial Day, when well more than 30 million Americans are expected to hit the roads.

The research looks at the challenges in bringing recognition to the river cruise industry. For many providers, it still remains

Tour operators: Exotic destinations and Mediterranean countries experience boom.

"Inattentive Parents," the "Aromatic," the "Audio Insensitive" and the "Boozer" round out list of top five most offensive air travelers.

Expedia 2015 Hotel Etiquette Study examines hotel guest behaviors that most rankle Americans, such as loud revelry, indiscreet romance and

For the second year running, "The Texter" generated the most fury, earning the scorn of 26% of Americans. "The Tailgater"