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GIATA and's strategic partnership transforms the hotel booking landscape through the integration of GIATA DRIVE, enhancing content accuracy and

GIATA MultiCodes uniquely identify accommodation to prevent duplicates and virtually rule out any misclassification. Leveraging the world-beating mapping accuracy of

Through the collaborative efforts of GIATA DRIVE and Feed Dynamix, customers can enjoy tailored campaigns designed for different target groups.

TripArc partners with GIATA to leverage its advanced hotel and room mapping solutions

GIATA will integrate content from hoteliers into Amadeus, the leading tourism system for travel consultancy and quotation comparison.

This collaboration demonstrates Melia's dedication to providing customers with a seamless and enhanced booking experience.

The renewed collaboration between GIATA and Bonotel is poised to drive innovation and efficiency in the luxury travel industry, setting

GIATA DRIVE spans more than 80 countries, and BeeDMC will officially represent it in the Dominican Republic from now on. 

Agreement will extend HTPs reach across the hospitality sector.

The continued collaboration will focus on GIATA’s bespoke solutions, including MultiCodes, Room Type Mapping, and Multilingual Hotel Guide, which will