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Investment to drive continued global expansion through both acquisitions and organic growth, including broadening the enterprise-level offering to accommodate medium-term

Guesty Lite’s end-to-end solution addresses all aspects of property management and distribution, providing essential optimizations to secure a distinct advantage

Property Management Platform Selects Automated IDV Solution to Meet Global Regulations, Streamline Onboarding, and Safeguard against Fraud.

Guesty For Hosts is designed for small hosts and property owners, while legacy product Guesty will live on as Guesty

In the last year, Guesty’s customer base has increased by 100% and employee count has ballooned to 260+ spread out

Solidifying leadership position as the end-to-end solution for short-term rentals.

The integration of the largest travel community to the platform cements Guesty as an end-to-end solution for short-term property managers

The integration with Guesty enables RemoteLock to pull relevant data from a user’s Guesty account regarding upcoming bookings and guest

Guesty announces the launch of GuestyVal, a three-day festival in Tel Aviv for the short-term rental industry.

In a significant move towards global expansion, Guesty announces the appointment of Vered Raviv Schwarz, former COO of Fiverr, to