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Havila Voyages

Havila Pollux is nearly identical to her sister ships, and she will ensure that the historical coastal route is complete

The coastal cruise ship Havila Polaris docked at the Jektevik Terminal in Bergen.

Havila Polaris is scheduled to start operations from Bergen on August 17th and will be the first to leave the

Havila Voyages stated goal is to achieve climate neutrality for its fleet by 2028 and zero emissions by 2030.

Another goal set by Havila Voyages was to reduce onboard food waste and produce only 75 grams of food waste

Havila Voyages has also applied for licenses in the UK and the USA, to ensure both British and American investors

2023 marks the 130th anniversary of the coastal route between Bergen and Kirkenes, which was initially developed to connect the

Havila Castor is named after a star in the constellation Gemini. Pollux, after which Havila Voyages' last ship is named,

Havila Capella is the most environmentally friendly ship on the coastal route, with its hybrid operation of liquefied natural gas

Participants in the Norwegian collaboration will strive towards reducing emissions from shipping by 50% by 2030, in line with the