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Helsinki Airport

In February and April-May 2024, Finnair will collect data on the average weight of customers and their carry-on baggage, when

During the strike, ground services, such as baggage loading​,​ and ​inflight service (e.g. food and drink offerings)​, may be ​affected​

As part of Finnish airport company, Finavia’s significant ‘one roof’ re-development programme at Helsinki Airport - which began at the

According to Finavia’s CEO Kimmo Mäki, persistent Finnish attitude and sisu* have been needed in order for Helsinki Airport to

A small proportion of each flight ticket is used for sustainable aviation fuel.

On Wednesday, February 1, at 11:00 (EET) we welcome in the studio Mr. Henri Hansson, Senior Vice President, at Finavia

If travel restrictions allow, Finnair will resume service to all the five destinations in Japan it served before the pandemic

Airline to lower the CO2 footprint of the route as of summer 2022.

The program enables a secure, safe, and fully compliant solution for EU Entry/Exit System (EES) programme by 2022.