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Henley Passport Index

Japan and Singapore have dominated 1st place on the index for the past five years.

The general trend over the history of the 18-year-old ranking has been towards greater travel freedom, with the average number

For the fifth year running, Japan crowns the index. Japanese citizens can now visit an astonishing 193 destinations out of

According to exclusive research by Henley & Partners and Deep Knowledge Analytics into the correlation between passport power, and climate

The study shows that while citizens of upper middle- and high-income countries have achieved visa-free access to most nations, citizens

Countries in the global north with high-ranking passports have enforced some of the most stringent inbound Covid-19-related travel restrictions, while

With the postponed Tokyo 2020 Olympics just weeks away, and the country in a "quasi" state of emergency, Japan nonetheless

The US and the UK continue to drop down the Henley Passport Index - which is based on authoritative data

Japan and Singapore share the 1st place, enjoying visa-free access to 189 destinations, while Germany knocked off the top spot

Germany holds onto 1st place on the Henley Passport Index for the 5th year running while UK, US, China and