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The challenge lies in cultivating a strong work ethic and a positive attitude, which are essential attributes for achieving high

The Baird/STR Hotel Stock Index grew in July.

The guest and staff communication platform has introduced a social-style feed in version 2.0, creating an intuitive, streamlined communication tool

Ηοusekeepers working in 5-star facilities were more likely to admit cutting corners in their cleaning responsibilities than those working in

Sadly we are not living in an angelic world. Guess what: Reviews CAN be either fake, not written freely or

We hope the following accommodation suggestions categorized by type will help you discover the Crete vacation you’ll never forget.

In this highly prestigious individual accolade, the self-taught and self-made billionaire was applauded for his life-long accomplishments, his pioneering, competitive

To all those investors who acknowledge the Middle East as the hotbed of activities, here is a short guide of

Hotels in the Central/South America region reported negative performance results in February 2017.

Rates and Revenue per Available Room show promising gains in First and Second Quarter of 2017.