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Sweden is already the 6th country in the EU where parity clauses of at least of the European market leader

Claims on intermediated hotel booking websites saying ‘Booked 15 times in the past 24 hours’ or ’only 2 rooms left’

It has been the interrelation of several factors, which has made the issue of ‘overtourism’ climb up on the political

The European hotel market is characterized by small and medium sized enterprises which become increasingly dependent on just two major

Platforms offering market place for home-restaurants have been evolving over the past years, attracting more and more ‘hosts’ of home

HOTREC also welcomed Commission's proposal to promote fairness and transparency for business users of online intermediation services and search engines.

It is still 3 OTAs which control 92% of the online intermediaries market in Europe (in some countries even more),

Too often, market transparency has been the victim of the rapid growth of platforms acting as online marketplaces.

The UK ‘All Party Parliamentary Group for Tourism’ issued its interim report on 22 March, highlighting the urgent need for

HOTREC calls on the support of both institutions to find a solution with regard to the payment of the leaves