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Μost international Asian routes, with the exception of those serving South West Asia, continue to have substantially lower levels of

This training programme targets Directors-General to help them better manage safety related challenges post-COVID and to provide a closed-door platform

ICAO elevated an existing Recommended Practice to a Standard in 2022, thus heightening the responsibility on States to establish legislation,

The Secretary General urged the attending governments, industry partners and other stakeholders to “reflect on how you can support these

In recognition of aviation’s crucial role as a catalyst for sustainable development worldwide, the ICAN series was launched in 2008

Juan Carlos Salazar and Willie Walsh to extend the ICAO/IATA licence agreement in respect of the Technical Instructions For The Safe

It is envisioned that this cooperation will comprise the development of studies, events, training, and other knowledge exchange and advocacy

The bilateral meetings further provided the President and the Secretary General with an opportunity to extend ICAO's gratitude to Peru

Through the Framework, ICAO and its Member States strive to achieve a collective global aspirational Vision to reduce international aviation