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The threat of terrorism significantly influences holiday planning – major differences in the safety image of individual destinations – ITB

Despite terror fears, international trips by Europeans are expected to continue on a slight upward trend. Demand appears likely to

City trips are the fastest-growing part of the international leisure travel market as Europeans, Asians, North and South Americans head

Middle East is world’s fastest-growing outbound travel market – Young well-off Arabian travellers go on long expensive trips, ITB World

ITB World Travel Trends report predicts strong growth for North America outbound travel in 2016. According to UNTWO, international tourism

Some 6.75 billion domestic trips and 1.2 billion international arrivals are expected by the end of this year, he said.

IPK International and ITB Berlin analyse trends in foreign trips by young people since 2007 – lower birth rates and

City trips in Europe grow twice as fast as total international holiday market – Paris, London and Berlin are top

According to official statistics, the Chinese went on 105 million foreign trips in 2014. However, this includes 41 million day-trips

More and more holidaymakers are spending heavily on the best weeks of the year. With a 48 per cent increase