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Tourism in Europe and the Middle East is expected to grow in 2024, with many travelers planning to maintain or

Report predicts travelers of all ages will value connectivity and personalization, Seek out culture and unique experiences, and embrace new

Germany ranks No. 1 in the Nation Brands Index for the fifth time in succession - top rating also for

France and Italy lead with 67% expecting to take their usual summer holiday.

Hotels remain the most popular accommodation type and are increasingly being chosen over time. 43 percent of all global travelers

Tourism’s impacts are valued most positively in Australia, Argentina, Sweden, the Republic of Korea and Spain.

The mixed-picture of the perceived impacts rising from urban tourism in the different countries demonstrates the complexity of economic, social

TripAdvisor’s TripIndex Breakfast reveals the price of a hotel breakfast vs a local restaurant breakfast in 37 destinations around the

“Blurring”, or the gradual intermingling of professional and personal activities, is a global trend that is described and acknowledged in