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Jordan Tourism Board

The contest was open to all travelers who had already visited Jordan, and through their lenses, they could promote this

Four new routes and over 100 weekly flights for Ryanair in Jordan.

The ZEDMIBA Forum is an umbrella organization managed by IATA, comprising ZED, which is for leisure travel, and MIBA, which

New meaningful travel map of Jordan offers local experiences with social impact.

Over the course of the six month campaign, over 40 ‘Jordan’ taxis will be on London’s streets as well as

The objective of these efforts is to attract tourism to the kingdom, which witnessed a notable regression since 2011, due

The food website is structured in a way that is easy to navigate. When first entering the website, you are

Jordan's tourism is about to gain a significant boost from increased direct flights between Aqaba and Istanbul.

Included in the collection is the first webcam to deliver views of a world wonder. Viewers are invited to travel

Leisure demand, thanks to the country’s rich cultural heritage, remains the key tourism driver and one of the key elements