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Four makes eight: Large overhead compartments hold up to twice as many suitcases. For the first time on short-haul routes:

In the 2024 summer schedule, Beijing, Osaka and San Diego, which are currently served three times a week, will receive

11 special flights to run from London Stansted to Munich from September to October 2023. Lufthansa to fly temporarily from

The EU General Court found the European Commission made a number of egregious errors in its approval of the aid

In 30 years, Lufthansa served three million passengers on routes connecting Katowice Airport and airports in Germany.

Automating the repatriation of bags is faster than ever before despite staffing shortages.

Development of systemic partnership at Frankfurt Airport / Joint management for “FraAlliance”.

Lufthansa is currently working flat out to restore the flight operation to normal in view of the upcoming start of

‘Lufthansa Global Spaces’ provides a platform that allows travelers to book conference rooms, hot desks, and offices flexibly without a

Munich Airport welcomes Lufthansa’s decision as an important signal for the aviation hub.