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Compared to last year, Croatia anticipates higher tourism activity during the autumn and winter months, with specific months showing an

The company is poised for exponential development and growth in new regions such as the United States or the Middle

The top five European LGTBQ+ friendly destinations that have shown exceptional service quality and inclusivity are, in descending order, Berlin,

As an Affiliate Member, Mabrian will leverage its international expertise in Travel Intelligence to offer valuable insights, training, and information

The recent Earth Day (22nd April) and World Environment Day (5 June) brought with them inevitable stories about shameful greenwashing

By partnering with ETOA, Mabrian aims to enhance the decision-making capabilities of European DMOs, enabling them navigate the dynamic tourism

Mabrian will be providing the members of CityDNA with up-to-date information on the latest trends in tourism, as well share

Turkey, UAE, and Thailand are becoming more important tourist destinations for Russian travelers, while classic European destinations such as Italy,

The country shows a great evolution for the coming months in terms of international arrivals, but it is still far

Average hotel prices for Easter are increasing in all 20 destinations analysed and, in most cases, far above the rate