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As Brexit has led to a weaker pound, Harris Interactive wanted to see how this could impact the British public’s

The unpredictable economy in Asia Pacific could cause challenges in the region, although stronger demand from China and India could

Results for the first quarter of 2015 mark a positive start for European tourism and provide encouraging signs for a

Despite lower oil prices, airlines have been increasing capacity at a slower rate than growth in demand.

From 2013 to 2014, global passenger numbers rose 5.5%, and aircraft load factors increased globally to 79.7%. This increased pressure

This Amsterdam RAI report is based on the latest insights into trends which the company selected through desk research, as

Growth so far this year in premium and economy class air travel has equalized. As a result, there has been

For most travelers, changing their destination city is not an option, but this information can still act as a friendly

A new report into the transport used by overseas visitors in Britain reveals that taxis have become a more popular