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Riga Airport

 Vouchers cannot be used in other brand or carrier vehicles.

The largest range of novelties for summer flights from Riga is offered by the national airline airBaltic.

The number of transit passengers remains stable at 20 % and exceeded 82 thousand in January.

The family line is located between the already existing fast-track security screening line and the line for all passengers.​

In November, the most popular passenger destinations were London, Helsinki, Oslo, Tallinn and Frankfurt.

In October, 5,659 passenger, cargo and other flights were handled, which is 11% more than a year before.

The deadline for submitting applications for the qualification round is 13/12/2023 12:00 (UK time).

Riga Airport is a fast-growing Northern European air traffic hub, connecting the Baltic countries with European business centres and popular holiday

With the switch to wintertime this weekend, on 29 October, Riga Airport will change to the autumn/winter flight schedule, offering

The total number of passengers at Riga Airport is expected to reach 6.65 million in 2023.