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This historical and precedent-setting Court ruling is a major step forward in protecting unsuspecting consumers from being overcharged by OTAs,

Ryanair operates over 440 routes and carrying over 52m passengers p.a. to/from the UK on its fleet of 107 UK-based

Recruitment event on Tuesday, 28th November.

Ryanair calls on the EU Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, to take urgent action to protect overflights and EU

Ryanair Holdings today reported a strong half-year profit of 2.18bn euros, compared to a prior year H1 PAT of 1.37bn

Ryanair calls on “On The Beach” and its CEO Shaun Morton "to explain why they are calling for fair play

Ryanair organizes Athens and Thessaloniki recruitment events.

Bertrand Grabowski has almost 40 years aviation and transport finance experience. 

Ryanair employs a hybrid approach, leveraging both in-house facilities and third-party vendors for its heavy maintenance operations.