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Shiji appoints Michelle Silverman as Senior VP of Global Accounts, recognizing her experience of hospitality technology solutions, with a focus

Shiji launches Shiji Digital PayBy: Integrated payment solution for hotels, enabling faster, secure, and compliant transactions, enhancing guest experiences.

Wietse Bijzeit has over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, with a focus on operations and technology.

Shiji and D-EDGE have expanded the API integration between their companies to facilitate the delivery of reservations, rates and availability

After a pilot period, Ruby Hotels has implemented Shiji’s next generation property management system, Shiji Enterprise Platform, for all its

Fletcher Hotels has signed to implement Shiji Enterprise Platform PMS solution in over 100 of its properties to provide an

Following many years of good relationships, Kempinski Hotels has agreed to expand the business partnership with Shiji to further enhance

Report reveals that while hospitality rebounded in 2022, guest satisfaction continued to decline.

The global software company continues its growth in South-central Europe by implementing its cloud POS product Infrasys at BlueSun’s properties

The American hospitality group has recently installed multiple technology products of the global software company on their journey to manage