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The VivaCITY Challenge is a three-year funded project created to give destination marketing organisations (DMOs) the opportunity to co-create a

The world-famous ICCA database will soon be known as ICCA Business Intelligence. It will provide exemplary analysis and intelligence about

The winner will have the opportunity to affect and inform positive change not just in their own city but within

Simpleview and Satisfi Labs will offer AI and live chat to DMOs

ICCA to utilise Simpleview technology and services for digital transformation.  

Simpleview’s partnership with Stroll comes in the form of an angel investment in the startup to further support technology development

The duo seeks to streamline the sales process for group sales professionals.

Explore St. Louis Selects Simpleview CRM & VenueOps for Destination and Venue Management.

Evans promoted as Part of company-wide focus on customer success.

Simpleview veteran to lead the organization’s global expansion efforts.