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Travel disruptions during the world's leading travel trade show starting from 7 March 2024 due to strikes.

The negative impact of ATC strikes on European Aviation is a key issue for A4E airlines and their customers.

Lufthansa said two thirds of the group's 3,000 flights would still run on Monday, as subsidiaries Austrian Airlines, Germanwings, Eurowings,

The SNCTA, France’s biggest air traffic controllers’ union, called for members to walk out on 8 and 9 April and

Services operated by British Airways, Ryanair, Easyjet and Flybe were among those affected.

The controllers say the Single European Sky (SES) project will affect public safety and their working conditions.

Lufthansa strike cancels thousands of flights in Germany; 1,700 flights have been cancelled, leaving only 20 European short-haul flights for

ITF civil aviation secretary Gabriel Mocho said: 'As a strike this is undoubtedly a success, but it’s a strike

Ryanair confirmed that French Air Traffic Control strike caused Ryanair four flights to be cancelled so far, with other flights

Air France expects to carry all its passengers to their final destination.