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Ovation Global DMC's survey reveals key challenges and opportunities in event engagement, emphasizing the importance of personalization and interactivity for

Severe staffing shortages plague over three-quarters of hotels, driving increased wages, benefits, and flexibility to attract and retain employees, per

A new survey from Barbican Business Events highlights the increasing importance of cultural elements in commercial, association, charity and not-for

Inflation remains a significant obstacle to economic growth for the hotel industry.

Despite inflation, US travelers remain committed to summer vacations, with 48% planning trips involving paid lodging. Rising costs and income

A recent survey by FinMont highlights significant barriers in online travel bookings, with complex payment processes and lack of preferred

Recent WayAWay survey of 2,477 statistically relevant female travellers in the United States revealed that 82% of travel decisions are

71% of 5-star hotels have some level of certification. Only 3% have a specialized sustainability certification from an external certifier.

Center's annual survey reveals a gap in corporate card usage and expense management software adoption, creating visibility and compliance challenges.

The survey highlights popular travel choices for 2024: visits to family and friends (46%), beach vacations (36%), and road trips