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With enterprise software executive Craig Brennan joining as CEO and travel industry expert Alan Josephs as EVP of Product and

Industry outlook on how airlines, hotels, financial services companies and other travel merchants can align technology, data and travel inventory

New industry brief shows how airlines can minimize hard and soft costs of disruptions and improve revenue.

Transforming travel for new markets and traveler expectations.

San Francisco-based travel technology company is recruiting software engineers to transform travel at new development hub in Denver.

New flight cancellation solution from Switchfly helps airlines assist stranded passengers in need of re-accommodation.

Marriott Rewards returns an average of 9.4% from room night spending as reward stay value in the first Switchfly Hotel

More consumers prefer a base fare with “a la carte” ancillary offerings (49%) than they do a more expensive bundled

Survey finds that one in two Smartphone owners use their Smartphone to prep for a trip. Furthermore, the survey found