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So yes enough is enough. Are we too soft on extremism within our borders? I would say categorically 'YES!' It's

Officials spoke of a single attacker, a "lone wolf" in the parlance of Islamic State, but some reports citing witnesses

84 people died and 18 were in a critical condition. Many more were also wounded in the attack along the

Participants in the study were asked to what degree various threats and incidents around the world significantly impacted their decision-making

Tourist trends often get to change according to the circumstances. The instability of global economy, wars and of course other

At least eight Germans died in the blast between the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque tourist attractions in Istanbul's cultural

Police secure the area after an explosion in central Istanbul, Turkey January 12, 2016.

The metro, museums and schools, many shops and cinemas stay shut today in the usually bustling EU capital where many

As the French government investigation proceeds, and facts change, e.g., discovery of additional imminent attacks, or actual attacks, organizational responses

The convoy was made up of four four-wheel drive vehicles, the Egyptian interior ministry said in a statement, and there