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The Port of Seattle

AERO BridgeWorks and ADB SAFEGATE expand automated solution to support Port ramp safety initiatives and provide a more efficient gate

The Port will postpone work on the proposed Terminal 46 cruise terminal. The Port needs to better understand the market

SEA Airport cargo laborers unload large pallets of cargo from an Airbridge plane.

Commission also approves pilot study to measure carbon sequestration in Elliot Bay.

Route links Seattle with Canada’s second largest city and key international market for leisure and business travelers.

The Bavarian capital will be Sea-Tac’s 29th international destination.

Passengers welcomed back to airfield views, slimmer furniture, and new fast-casual dining choices.

Grand opening celebrates the Port of Seattle’s first airport retail establishment owned by Native Americans/Alaska Natives.

Service via Boeing 787-8 aircraft with daily service beginning March 31.

An estimated $30 million dollars in improvements were made to the Bell Street Cruise Terminal as part of a joint