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TripIt is the first travel organizing app to automatically aggregate flight emissions across providers, post-booking, giving you a holistic view

How much do I tip in Lisbon? How cautious should I be in Barcelona as an LGBTQ person? What kind

TripIt Pro now helps travelers get to, and through, the airport as quickly as possible.

New TripIt data shows the happiest flyers in the USA by hometown, airports and generation.

New look and expanded feature set make it easy to stay organized while planning a trip.

New iOS 11 addition makes it easy to share last-minute changes while on the go.

New interactive maps help travelers navigate the airport with ease.

New TripIt Pro feature helps travelers plan when to leave for the airport.

Introduces TripIt for iMessage and enhances real-time flight alerts to save travelers time.

New partnership gives TripIt users information and instant-booking access to airport lounges; Adds VIP benefit for TripIt Pro members.