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Vayant Travel Technologies

Vayant has supported Vamo’s development from the early stages and provided the startup with a custom flight search solution that

Future OpenJaw t-Retail Platform releases to provide ready access to the latest advanced flight shopping capabilities of Vayant OneSearch fares

Airline to take delivery of seven 777, five 737 airplanes in 2015.

Technology leverages airfare search engine data to display most competitive pricing in personalized ads to drive sales.

Vayant brings its FastSearch, the inspirational sub-second airfare shopping product that precomputes large datasets of customer-defined flight search results and

Vayant Pricing Cache gives TAP Portugal’s tour operator partners thousands of high-accuracy precomputed flight results across multiple Origins & Destinations

Sunspot can exercise complete flexibility over the airfare content they receive, using the Pricing Cache administration portal to modify the

A new shipping platform to shield airlines and travel agencies from metasearch exposure and increase productivity.

Fischer selects Vayant pricing cache to power dynamic packaging on flight offers.

Vayant has developed strategic innovative Airfare Pricing and Shopping technologies including Next-Generation solutions based on live transactions and pre-computed big-data