Latest News abandons its commission model, targets Greek hotel market
Online booking abandons its commission model, targets Greek hotel market looks to be a breath of fresh air on the Greek online booking market, which is one of the platform’s primary targets right now.


AMSTERDAM – The online booking platform announces changes to its website and business model. The Amsterdam-based company, decided to completely stop charging commission from hotels, apartments and vacation rentals, and to meet the expectations of users, by translating its website to multiple languages. The startup also plans on introducing the Greek version of the website in the near future.

The availability of in Greece is a great news for Greek travelers as well as the hoteliers. The Dutch booking platform keeps getting bigger. Thanks to the new business model, the way Bidroom works has become clearer, and the hotel offers are even better. used to charge hotels, apartments, vacation rentals and B&Bs two percent commission – easily the lowest rate on the market – in exchange for which, the managers were asked to give at least five percent discount to the offers published on the major booking platforms. But now, completely abandons its commission model, allowing the managers to sign up their accommodation for free, and receive commission-free bookings. The discount for the guests remains. 

At the same time, the company introduces the Bidroom Plus plan, which aims to help hotels get more bookings. The accommodation subscribed to Bidroom Plus will appear higher in the search results, and will gain access to better functionality. is the perfect alternative for the major booking platforms, as not only does it not charge commission, but also keeps away from hideous market practices. 

“Bidroom’s mission is to offer hotels at the best possible price, anywhere in the world”, says Michael Ros, the CEO of looks to be a breath of fresh air on the Greek online booking market, which is one of the platform’s primary targets right now.

“Greece along with its islands has recently become a really popular destination among travelers. It’s beautiful, yet affordable. We would like the accommodation managers, as well as the tourists, to get the best of this sudden popularity. We’re offering commission-free bookings for the hoteliers, and several percent of discount to the visitors. It makes perfect sense for both sides to hop on our platform” – comments Ros. “We working on delivering our website in Greek, to meet the expectations of users to even greater extent. With that done, we will have an opportunity to become the leading booking website in Greece.”


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