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First ever course in eTourism is launched at the University of Surrey

The University of Surrey<.> has launched a unique and innovative MSc degree in eTourism at the World Travel Market…

The University of Surrey<.> has launched a unique and innovative MSc degree in eTourism at the World Travel Market in London. This is the first eTourism course in the world and it has already gained great interest from the tourism and hospitality industries, governmental agencies and potential students. The course will start in September 2001 and will be running in parallel the other MSc streams offered at the School.

Dr Dimitrios Buhalis, the MSc in eTourism Course Leader said 'eTourism is growing rapidly and is predicted to exceed $30 bn by 2004 in the USA. The University of Surrey is aiming at exploring the great potential of the emerging market and to teach the future tourism and hospitality professionals how they can capitalise on the potential opportunity and maximise their competitiveness. The course is included within a new initiative for researching eTourism and eHospitality issues at the University of Surrey.'

He explained that 'e' stands for Electronic and represents the electronic marketplace, where eBusinesses deal with eConsumers, eGovernment, ePartners and other eBusinesses on an ePlatform facilitated by the radically evolving ICTs. eTourism deals with the planning, development, and marketing of both tourism enterprises and destinations in the emerging electronic markets. It adopts a global perspective and enables students to explore how they can transform traditional tourism enterprises, develop and manage new electronic and dot. Com businesses and take advantage of the emerging technological tools.

The MSc in eTourism will look into all types of innovative technologies and their application in tourism, hospitality, transportation enterprises and destinations. It will cover issues related with the Internet, extranets, intranets and will explore electronic commerce for these sectors through the internet mobile devices, digital television and other appliances. The course addresses several professional needs and aims to develop the skills of:

Future managers of traditional tourism and hospitality organisations who need to include ICTs into their strategic and operational tools.

Managers who lead, develop and manage the on-line brand provision of traditional companies [e.g.], as well as the great number of new companies that emerged as a result of the Internet [e.g., etc].

Entrepreneurs/innovators who need to identify new opportunities within the value chain and use ICTs strategically to create value and enhance the value chain of tourism and hospitality provision.

The programme is designed to provide the skills that future professionals will need to succeed in eTourism. The modules are specially focused on the ways that tourism and hospitality organisations can utilise the latest information communication technologies to achieve competitive advantages in the exciting new world of eTourism. The course will cover ePlanning, eManagement, eMarketing, eCommerce and eProcurement. In general the course illustrates how tourism and hospitality organisations can take advantage of the new tools in order to face the challenges, capture the opportunities and avoid the threats emerging as a result of the information communication technologies revolution. The new eTourism modules are backed by the established management and tourism modules offered by the School thus allowing you to gain a quality degree that is highly relevant to the modern tourism world. The MSc in eTourism will explain the new tools as they become available as well as their implications for the strategic positioning and the competitiveness of organisations. The concepts of info structure and business info-space will mark the boundaries of your learning experience. Graduates of the programme will be able to strengthen the competitiveness of tourism organisations by providing solutions and answers to the several critical questions.

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