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Instagram influences holiday choices of more than 10.6Million Brits

Men were found to be the more frugal of the sexes, prioritizing a cheap deal. Over one in ten Brits booked their last holiday through social media. Platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, now play a key role in both the way in which Brits browse for holiday inspiration. Over a fifth of 25-34 year olds claim Instagrammability of a location is the most important factor when booking their trip abroad.


According to a new study, upwards of 10.6 million Brits are said to be shunning more traditional guidebooks and holiday brochures and turning instead to social media for inspiration and making bookings regarding their travel plans.

The research, conducted by villa holiday tour operator Villa Plus, surveyed 1,000 British tourists to determine what factors influence their getaways, and which services they turn to when it’s time to book.

Results showed that despite more than a third of Brits admit to being influenced by friends and family when it comes to the holiday-making process, social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, now play a key role in both the way in which Brits browse for holiday inspiration and the method we turn to for making that all important booking too.

Coming a long way since it’s humble beginnings, platforms such as Instagram are now much more than a way of showcasing your holiday snaps. In fact, advancements in the software means users can are now no longer restricted to simply browsing their grid for inspiration but can now also buy or book life’s luxuries such as holidays too – and many of the products needed to take away with you as well.

The data mirrored said advancements and the clear generational shift in terms of both travel priorities and the way in which social media is utilised.

For more than a fifth of 25-34 year olds (22.2%), ensuring your vacation destination is “Instagram-worthy” was a main priority, whilst in contrast, more than a quarter of 55-64 year olds prefer to prioritise the experience itself, admitting they would actively attempt to relive their previous holidays time and again.

For some, price is much more appealing than and the perfect Instagram snap. Men were found to be the more frugal of the sexes, as nearly four times more men than women were likely to choose a location based on whether they could source a cheap deal.

The research also revealed which cities are most influenced by the Instagrammability of their vacation spot: 

  1. Newcastle (22.7%)  
  2. Manchester (20.6%)
  3. Belfast (20.1%)
  4. Birmingham (18.4%)
  5. Glasgow (16.3%)

Newcastle claimed the crown, as upwards of 52,000 Geordies believed that an Insta-worthy location was paramount when deciding where to book their holiday.

Despite a fifth of those hailing from Manchester also admitting to being heavily influenced by social media when making choices in relation to location, just 2% stated that they had used the platforms to make a booking. 

Similarly, when it came to the booking stage, over a fifth (21%) of 65+ year olds reveal they still prefer more traditional methods, opting to complete these transactions over the phone. 

That said, more than 10% of Belfast residents, however, claim to have done so directly through social media.

Simon Lifford, Head of Sales and Marketing from Villa Plus, commented on the findings: 

With the advancement of social media, more and more people want to be able to travel to different locations and share their experiences over social media platforms. As such, it’s inevitable that with the increased influx of these posts, people are constantly exposed to breath-taking views, beautiful beaches and crystal-clear water, and understandably the rise in said platforms influencing the decisions of holiday makers is becoming an epidemic. "

Social media provides a platform where users can explore different destinations at the touch of a button, so it’s no surprise to see the rise in Brits using these networks to book their holiday locations too."

With social media becoming the norm for holiday inspiration, we predict that this phenomenon will only prosper, and we’re excited to see where it goes from here.”

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