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Largest travel photo gallery launched on web

TORONTO – Recently Oxford University Press was looking for a particular photo for a book cover…

TORONTO – Recently Oxford University Press was looking for a particular photo for a book cover. It found it among the 7,000 photos in the online PlanetWare Travel Encyclopedia.

Each month tens of thousands of travellers looking for a pictorial orientation students needing pictures for term papers and others seeking images of life encountered in travelling the world are clicking onto PlanetWare.

The PlanetWare Travel Encyclopedia, the largest, searchable source of travel attractions data on the web at offers free viewing of over 7,000 high-quality photos from around the world. By the end of the year, PlanetWare will offer 10,000 photos online covering over 50 countries.

The photos are arranged geographically by state or country in the order a traveller might actually visit them. Photo shows mix all aspects of what a traveller might encounter with emphasis on scenic vistas, quaint villages, architecture, landscapes, gardens, wildlife, nature, technology, culture, crafts, food and art. The shows attempt to give enough information about the visual aspects of cities, regions and natural wonders to allow travellers to make a visit or no-visit decision.

Most of the photos on the site were taken by Jim Steinhart, who has visited and photographed 65 countries, some several times.

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