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Sabre Corporation reinforces partnership with ACI blueteam Spa with new contract


Sabre Corporation extends its partnership with ACI blueteam Spa, highlighting a continued focus on technological advancements and customer-centric solutions in the European travel market.

MILAN, ITALY – Sabre Corporation, a leading provider of software and technology powering the global travel industry, has renewed its longstanding partnership with ACI blueteam Spa through a multi-year contract. This strategic renewal not only fortifies Sabre’s position in the Italian market but also highlights its successful expansion across Europe, focusing on a customer- entric approach that adapts to the changing needs of the travel sector.

ACI blueteam Spa has been a key partner of Sabre since 1994 and is one of the top Italian TMCs managing high-profile fashion and luxury brands, with a network spanning several offices in Italy and abroad, the most significant of which is in New York.

The renewal of this partnership affirms Sabre’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions and showcases its customer-focused approach, enabling ACI blueteam Spa to leverage Sabre’s top technologies and automation capabilities, making operations more efficient and enhancing the travel experience for its customers.


Alfredo Pezzani, Chief Business Officer of ACI blueteam Spa, stated, “The mutual dedication to quality of service and innovation, which has defined the thirty-year relationship between ACI blueteam Spa and Sabre, fuels a shared commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Continuing this partnership will allow us to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations, utilising Sabre’s advanced technology to deliver unparalleled travel experiences.”

Using Sabre’s technology, ACI blueteam Spa intends to further enhance its operational efficiency and elevate customer experiences. The integration of automation services streamlines ticketing
and quality control processes, ensuring error-free travel planning. Customisable solutions through Sabre’s cloud-based services allow for tailored travel experiences, adapting to the unique needs of each client. Additionally, automatic schedule adjustments and ticketing features reduce disruptions, offering travellers reliability and peace of mind. This technological progress underscores ACI blueteam Spa’s commitment to providing unmatched travel experiences.

Paola De Filippo, Country Manager for Sabre in Italy, commented on the importance of the contract renewal, considering it “a crucial step to strengthen Sabre’s presence in the Italian
market and a clear sign of its strategic expansion across Europe. This partnership is a perfect example of how a customer-centric philosophy and commitment to innovation continue to ensure
success in such a competitive sector.”

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