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Skyscanner launches Savvy Search – its new generative AI travel planning tool


Skyscanner introduces Savvy Search, a novel AI-powered feature utilizing OpenAI’s ChatGPT to offer tailored travel suggestions from vast flight options and detailed destination insights directly in the app.

Harnessing the power of AI and its own breadth of flight search (showing over 18 million unique flight routes and searching more than 80 billion prices every day), global travel app Skyscanner has launched its app-exclusive Savvy Search tool.

Powered by Open AI’s Chat GPT technology, travellers can now simply tell Savvy Search what kind of trip is on their mind and the app will find the best spots – from the most common queries like ‘a cheap European city break in October’ to something more specific like ‘a 30th birthday trip with fun nightlife and a great food scene’. The tool will then generate up to three curated destination recommendations.

Following extensive traveller testing and unlike many other AI-inspired travel tools and chatbots, imagery is combined with rich destination descriptions to highlight the unique characteristics of each recommendation. Upon deciding a destination, travellers are taken straight into Skyscanner’s flight search funnel to compare prices and pick their perfect flight.chartPiero Sierra, Chief Product Officer at Skyscanner commented: “Skyscanner has been helping wanderlust adventurers with its Everywhere search for the last 17 years – in fact 1 in 2 travellers globally come to Skyscanner without a specific destination in mind. And as reported in Skyscanner’s Travel Trends 2024, we’re now seeing AI being adopted to help in this travel inspiration space.

Globally, 44% of travellers are using AI to help them plan and research travel, but its use varies a lot depending on the market. 45% of Indian travellers, for example, are already using AI on their phones compared to just 8% in the UK. The next logical step is to use the AI technologies now available to us to help these travellers in the discovery phase of their travel planning journey.”

To celebrate the launch of the Savvy Search tool, Skyscanner’s data gurus have delved into the usage data collected during its beta phase to reveal some of their favourite queries so far:

Somewhere to get lost and forget about all my life’s worries: Skyscanner’s Savvy Search recommends Goa. With flight prices starting at INR 4,948 from Mumbai, Goa is an ideal destination for those looking to unwind. It’s beautiful beaches, laid-back vibe, bustling markets, and delicious cuisine create an irresistible charm, making it the perfect place to relax and forget about all life’s worries.

  1. Astrophotography: Skyscanner’s Savvy Search recommends taking a trip to Norway in Northern Europe to witness the spectacular Northern Lights. In the winter months, travellers have the opportunity to marvel at the beauty of the night sky and capture breathtaking images of the aurora borealis.Withairfares starting at INR 50,680 from Mumbai seize the chance to plan your unforgettable trip to Norway and create memories that will last a lifetime.
  2. Somewhere to propose: Udaipur emerges as the best destination for a proposal according toSkyscannerSavvy Search. With its majestic palaces and serene lakes, Udaipur sets a dreamy backdrop for popping the question. With flight prices starting just at INR 7,346 onwards from Mumbai, Udaipur offers endless romantic settings to create unforgettable moments and begin a lifetime of love together.
  3. Warm holiday where I can skateboard: For a warm holiday where you can indulge in skateboarding, look no further than Barcelona, Spain. With airfares from Mumbai starting just at INR 46,683, this vibrant city has emerged as a haven for skateboarders, offering numerous skateparks and street skating opportunities. Beyond skateboarding, Barcelona boasts a rich cultural scene, featuring beautiful museums, lively nightlife, delicious local cuisine, and stunning architecture that adds to its allure.
  4. Super relaxing with a good coworking atmosphere: For a super relaxing experience combined with a conducive coworking atmosphere,Skyscanner’s Savvy Search suggests Bali, Indonesia and if you’re flying out from Mumbai, airfares begin as low as INR 25,878. Renowned for its pristine beaches, vibrant nightlife, ancient temples, rich history, plethora of outdoor activities and burgeoning cafe culture, Bali offers the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Whether you’re seeking a change of scenery for a workcation or simply looking to unwind, Bali offers fantastic options to explore while maintaining a productive workspace ambience.
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