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Hubby launches eSIM in the UK travel market

Hubby co-founder and CEO, Thijs van der Wijk.

Hubby launches eSIM in the UK, On The Beach is its first UK partner.

Ahead of the peak summer season, Amsterdam-based Hubby has launched its eSIM solution to the UK market, marking its arrival with an integration with leading online travel agent (OTA), On the Beach.

Hubby is on a mission to harness the power of mobile connectivity to improve the travel experience and unlock significant value for its travel company partners.

The Hubby eSIM is intuitively and specifically designed with tour operator and travel providers’ needs in mind, enabling them to offer customers the connectivity that they crave as part of their package, as well as the security of knowing they are connected and contactable during disruption.

Hubby co-founder and CEO, Thijs van der Wijk says, “Hubby was born out of personal frustration. Connecting to the internet safely, securely, reliably and without exorbitant costs when travelling should be easy but it isn’t. Global data roaming, particularly for UK travellers post-Brexit, is not good enough and with the UK travel market so established, we’re here to change that.”

Hubby eSIM is easily and quickly integrated, with a tailored, end-to-end solution and no up-front investment. Valuable real-time insight can also be provided to help make informed, data-driven decisions and foster deeper relationships with customers.


Hubby co-founders Boris Bijlstra (left) and Thijs van der Wijk (right).

Hubby’s first UK partner integration with On the Beach is enabling the OTA, who send two million people on holiday every year, to offer free mobile data to package holiday customers as part of its ongoing ‘perks’ proposition. Early insight shows strong take-up of the eSIM for long-haul holidays including the USA, where roaming charges can be particularly high, as well as across the EU and Turkey.

Thijs van der Wijk continues, “Our partnership with On the Beach proves how quickly and seamlessly we can start delivering value, with sign off to activation taking just two weeks. For us, a modern-day package should have four component parts, not three: flight, hotel, transfer AND mobile connectivity. Our eSIM is the ideal solution, but it’s only the beginning – we have big ambitions for future innovation that will deliver huge improvements to the customer experience and enable travellers to better enjoy real-world connection.”

Hubby has tour operator partners in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Thailand.

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