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Cartier debuts first airport boutique in Italy at Rome Fiumicino Airport

Facade of Cartier boutique at Rome Fiumicino Airport.

Cartier opens its first airport boutique in Italy at Rome Fiumicino Airport, featuring elegant design inspired by Roman architecture and offering a full range of luxury products.

ROME, ITALY – Cartier unveils its inaugural airport boutique in Italy at Rome Fiumicino Airport on June 1st, 2024. The new boutique, in collaboration with ROCCA – one of the most relevant Italian multi-brand luxury jewellery and watch retail chains, is a new addition to the Maison’s rich history in Italy since its debut in Milan half a century ago. Nestled at the airport’s prime location in Terminal 3, Gate E, the newly opened boutique will be a captivating gateway to timeless design, celebrating creativity and craftsmanship for global travellers across Europe and beyond.

A Dialogue with the Eternal City of Rome

 Reflecting Cartier’s distinctive blend of tradition and innovation, the boutique reflects the timeless beauty and elements found in Roman architecture, such as arches, domes, columns, and intricate detailing. With an invitingly expansive entrance and captivating interior design, travellers are warmly welcomed into the immersive universe of the Maison. The façade channels the elegance of marble columns inspired by ancient Rome, and echoes with Cartier’s signature champagne gold aesthetic. This exquisite fusion of white marble with clean and symmetrical lines seamlessly blends modernity with historical grandeur.

Upon entry, the boutique envelops visitors in harmonious neutral tones of cream-ivory hues, enhanced by vibrant accents of red. From the meticulously crafted marble flooring to the symmetrical geometric patterns gracing the walls, every detail pays homage to Rome’s rich cultural heritage. The graceful arches and angular columns further exemplify the diverse historical influences that have shaped the city’s architectural legacy.


The expansive entrance warmly welcomes travelers into the immersive universe of Cartier.

Gently lit by elegant chandeliers, the boutique features a captivating mural that showcases the Maison’s emblematic panther alongside the Colosseum, an iconic historical landmark of the city. Inspired by the distinctive colour scheme synonymous with Rome, the mural incorporates warm shades of cardinal red and yellow, symbolizing the conviviality of the Maison and Italy’s charismatic capital. Within the boutique sits a private salon inspired by the enchanting Italian gardens. The intimate space is thoughtfully adorned with lush green elements, evoking a sense of tranquillity and natural beauty, where travellers are invited to immerse themselves in a world of refined elegance and curated services.

The boutique offers a full range of creations, including jewellery, timepieces, leather goods, fragrance, and accessories.

“The inaugural Cartier airport boutique in Italy, made possible through our partnership with ROCCA, marks an exciting addition to our extensive boutique portfolio across major European airports. Rome is a dynamic and unmissable travel destination, and the boutique is carefully curated with the needs of travellers in mind. We hope that our newly opened boutique at Rome Fiumicino Airport will foster meaningful conversations with travellers and build long-lasting relationships for those exploring Europe and nearby destinations,” says Virginie Martignac, Cartier Global Travel Retail Director.

“We are delighted to partner with Cartier on its first airport boutique in Italy, as we both share a common vision to bring the most memorable and highly curated shopping experience for luxury and jewellery enthusiasts. Dedication and a strong service culture have always been the cornerstones of ROCCA ever since it was founded, with outstanding customer care that translates into excellent pre-sale and after sales assistance. For this reason, we not only celebrate a new prestigious opening, but above all the relationship between two brands that becomes stronger year after year,” says Fabrizio Giaccon, Sales and Marketing Director at ROCCA Retail.

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