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2001-2005 Promotion Themes

2001 China Health and Fitness Tour

2002 China Folk Art Tour

2003 China Culinary Kingdom Tour

2004 Catch the Lifestyle

2005 Visit China Year

China is country with a long history of civilization and boasts vast land and abundant resources. The Chinese people are hardworking and ingenious people who have created accumulated precious cultural wealth in their long-time social development and life experience. Among all, China’s culinary art is one most luminous culture. Compared with that of other countries, China’s culinary art features a great variety of styles and schools with rich and varied cooking methods, which are of outstanding characteristics, emphasizing of color, flavor and taste and, above all, the inner cultural connotations. While tasting the delicious food when visiting China, tourists may have a feeling of the deep cultural atmosphere involved therein. In order to let tourists at home and abroad have a good knowledge of China as well ad of its culinary art while touring the wonderful landscape, China National Tourism Administration, CNTA, decided to set the theme of China Culinary Kingdom Tour for the year 2003 and carefully selected over 20 large-scale local food festival events and 8 special gourmet tour routes for the year.