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5. Types of Accommodation ___

In Bergen you’ll find accommodation in all categories; hotels, guest houses, camping, youth hostels, private accommodation, etc. Off-season (Sep – May) you may take advantage of the weekend specials. Special last minute -summer rates at the hotels. Reservations can be done in Tourist Information at Vågsallmenningen.

There are 19 hotels in Bergen and its surrounding area. The hotel capacity in Bergen is 28 hotels with approx. 3,400 rooms and 6, 500 beds. Many hotels are placed near the harbour, the shopping centres, the fish market or in the centre of Bergen. Some hotels are situated few kilometres from the airport. Bergen has many first class hotels and the majority of the hotels have restaurant, bistro and a bar. A big part of the hotels have their own parking area to their guests. The majority of the rooms have bath, cable TV, computer and telephone. Furthermore there is a tradition to serve a big breakfast-buffet in most of the hotels in Bergen.

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