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8. Seasonality&Climate ___

Come to Bergen in the spring, when the rhododendron and laburnum are in full flower. When red roofs gleam in the sunlight or old cobblestones glisten in the rain. Saunter up the tiny steep streets where the Bergensers will plant a bush wherever can they find a bit of soil.

Come to Bergen in the summer when the land is lush in every shade of green; when the fjords are abuzz with small boats, and the city is alive with visitors.

Come to Bergen in the autumn, or even winter. Experience the changing seasons – and the warmth of Bergen hospitality. Come to Bergen at any time – there is always something to excite you, always something happening.

History is all around in the old parts of Bergen, a blessed place nestling in the shelter of its seven mountains. There is so much to see and experience, whether you like architecture and museums, shopping and rubbing shoulders with the locals, or watching an exciting football match. Art exhibitions and concerts are prolific; shops and commerce even more so. The Fish Market’s delicacies lure everybody – and if you get tired of streets and houses, you are just a short distance away from unspoiled scenery. Eight minutes from the city centre and you can be on top of one of Bergen’s mountains. Admire the view and enjoy the peace and quiet, high above the city. Few places have such a combination: a city with nature right on its doorstep.

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