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8. Seasonality&Climate ___

Because it is in the southern hemisphere, Peru should have a warm, damp and rainy climate; but the Andes, the cold Humboldt ocean current and the anticyclonic circulation of the South Pacific have created a wide variety of climates.

It almost never rains on the coast, except in the north in the departments of Piura and Tumbes when an El Niño climatic change occurs. There is a very slight drizzle between May and November when the skies are overcast, while sunshine is almost constant from December to April. Average temperatures vary between 14 and 18 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

There is a dry season in the highlands and the rainforest, between May and November, and a rainy season from December to April. But while the highlands have a dry and fresh climate, with average temperatures between 9 and 18 degrees Celsius (and also much colder in the very high parts of the highlands), the rainforest has a tropical climate with temperatures rising to as high as 40 degrees Celsius.