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8. Seasonality&Climate ___

Chile stretches for 2,604 miles and encompasses extreme climatic and geographical contrasts.



With average temperatures of 20º C in Summer and 9ºC in Winter, the most northern region of Chile enjoys refreshing rains during the summer months.


There is a typical desert climate from the northern border with Peru down to La Serena, dry with marked contrasts in temperature between day and night (30 to 0º C in winter), and average temperatures of between 10 and -5º C.

Northern Coast

It has a dry climate, with almost no rainfall and an average yearly temperature of 18º C, made comfortable by cooling cloud cover and coastal breezes.



During the warmest months the average temperature can reach 10º C, and in winter there is substantial snowfall.


With a warm, temperate climate and average yearly temperature of 14º C, this area receives approximately 367 mm per year.

Central Coast

Enjoys a warm, pleasant climate with frequent cloud cover, an average temperature of 14ºC and 462 mm. yearly rainfall.

Easter Island

It has a tropical climate, with average temperatures of 21º C and yearly rainfall reaching 1,100 mm.

Robinson Crusoe Island

It has a warm, temperate climate, dry season which lasts between 7 and 8 months and rain in winter.



In the warmest month, the average temperature varies between 12 and 14º C, and due to the altitude, receives substantial rain and frequent snow.

Valley and Coast

They have a warm, temperate, rainy climate with a Mediterranean influence. The average temperature is 12º C and rainfall varies between 1,200 and 2,500 mm yearly.


Austral Road (Carretera Austral)

Located in northern Patagonia, this region has no dry season and a warm, rainy climate with an average temperature of 9º C, and yearly rainfall of 2,030 mm spread evenly throughout the year.


Has an average yearly temperature of 7º C and the maximum rainfall in the country of over 3,000 mm monthly.

Far South

The polar climate begins in the icefields of Aisén and Magallanes, where the temperature of the warmest month of the year is less than 0ºC.