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China is Making All Efforts to Recover and Revitalize Tourism

The Chinese government attaches great importance to the tourism industry that has been affected by SARS. To help the tourism enterprises to overcome the difficulties at an early date, the State Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the People’s bank of China, the general Administration of Taxation and other relevant departments have taken a series of supportive measures in succession. From May 1 to September 30 this year, 42 items of state administrative fees and 15 items of government funds will be reduced or exempted in favor of the hotel, restaurant, entertainment, travel service, transportation and other industries. Business tax, urban preservation and construction tax, etc. will be exempted. Discount interest for loans and other strong monetary and financial measures will be taken. Among these, travel services enjoy tax reduction or exemption on 12 items of fees and 10 items of funds, hotels 12 and 10, tourist coaches and cruises 8 and 13. On September 26. the State Council decided to extend the present supportive policies for the tourist enterprises to the end of 2003. CNTA, meanwhile, will return 60% of the Quality Guarantee Deposit, about 2.3 billion RMB Yuan in total, to the travel services to help them overcome the difficulties. Also various local governments in the country have increased their support to the tourism recovery, for example, Guandong Province has provided discount interest loans worth one billion RMB Yuan to tourist enterprises while the city of Shenzhen has given 10 million RMB Yuan as water and electricity subsidies for hotels.

CNTA is now keeping its keen effort to prevent and control the recurrence of Sars in the tourism field, while at the same time doing all out to recover and reinvigorate our tourist markets. Our objectives are: Energetically recover inbound tourism, actively recover domestic tourism and steadily recover outbound tourism.

A. Strengthen the Health and Safety Prevention The prevention and control of Sars will go along with the whole process f our tourist market recovery and revitalization. Further and substantial work should be done to prevent Sars at various aspects of tourism. Travel services, hotels, tourist scenic areas (spots), tourist bus and cruise companies, and all other tourism business units should implement their prevention and control plans, exert strict supervision and checking to remove any hidden danger.

B. A series of large – scale tourism events were or will be held to get acknowledgement of the world of China’s healthy and safe image. First, on August 9, the Special Meeting of Asian and China, Japan, Korea Tourism Ministers was held in Beijing. The meeting was sponsored by China and got the overall support of various countries. Tourism ministers from 13 countries held joint discussions on the general recovery of tourism in the region. The meeting ended with a Beijing Declaration of Asian and China, Japan, Korea on Tourism Revitalization. Second, the 15th General Assembly of the world Tourism organization will be held as scheduled from October 17-24 in Beijing. This will be attended by nearly 1000 delegates from more than 110 Countries including Mr. Fransesco Frangialli. Secretary- general of the world Tourism Organization, Ms Louise Frechette, Deputy Secretary- General of the UN, over 100 tourism ministers. Premier Wen Jiabao of China’s State Council and Vice- premier Wu Yi will attend the opening ceremony, and Premier Wen Jiabao will personally address the occasion. Third, the 2003 China International Travel Fair will be held in November in Kunming, Yunnan Province. Being the largest, professional international travel fair in Asia, China International Travel Fair will attract all big tour operators around the globe.

C. We shall intensify and widen our promotion through large- scale tourism events. On July 18, CNTA and the Chinese Embassy in Japan jointly organized China Tourism Promotion Meeting in Tokyo. CNTA Chairman He Guangwei and Ambassador Wu Dawei together with about 550 participants including the Japanese Minister for Land, Infrastructure and Transport, secretary- generals of three Japanese parties, representatives of 26 cities and countries, leaders of 7 China- Japan Friendship groups, large- scale tourist enterprises, airlines and over 70 journalists and media reporters. The meeting produced obvious effect. On August 4, CNTA and the Chinese Embassy in Korea again jointly held the Opening Ceremony of China National Tourist Office, Seoul and China Tourism Presentation. More than 200 Korean tourism officials and businessmen, journalists and reporters attended the event. We have also united with foreign tour operators and airlines to organize promotional road shows in North America and Europe. In addition, big groups of overseas tour operators, journalists and related personnel have been invited to the country for various FAM tours.

D. In the end of August, CNTA and the ministry of foreign Affairs organized the “ To be the Witness of the New Yangtze Gorges” event for which we invited 84 tour operators, media people from Europe, America and Australia and the foreign media representatives stationed in Beijing. We already sent large promotion delegations to attend the ITM Hong Kong and JATA World Travel Fair, and will attend the SMTV in Paris, ETM in London, ITB in Berlin, etc.

More investment will be made to improve China’s tourism image. In order to have a quick recovery of our tourism industry, the Chinese government will intensify its media publicity to regain the full confidence of all overseas tourists to visit China. First, we shall present the new tourism slogan “ China Forever”, China Tourism Image Advertisement and China Tourism TV Promotion Tape. Second, we have started a promotion campaign on CNN and other major world media in an effort to achieve greater effect through large- scale but up- to- date approach to speed up the market recovery and to increase publicity on public media.

E. Rich and varied activities will be organized for 2004 Tourism Theme Year. The theme for 2004 will be Catch the Lifestyle. During the year, China is planning to present the new Beijing Hutong (street lanes) Tour, new city and Country Tour, in the Farmer’s House Tour’ s, and other products which will give a vivid expression of the healthy and hopeful life and improved living standards of the Chinese people. Also through which, the image of a safe, prosperous China in the new century with a happy people is presented to the world.

F. “Olympics for Tourism” promotion activities will be started. The 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing offers a most precious lifetime opportunity for the tourism development in China. CNTA has already reached an agreement with the Olympics Organizing Committee in a joint effort to promote the Olympics through tourism and to promote tourism through the Olympics. We are working together to formulate a yearly promotion program and theme promotion plans for 2004- 2008 with a purpose to push China’s tourism development to a new high.

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